Slegers & Koch

Exclusive bags and accessories – Handmade in Italy.

The Company

Slegers & Koch is a classy bag label that was founded by Nina Yvonne Slegers and Sharon Koch in Frankfurt am Main in 2017. It represents luxurious, handmade, best quality bags and accessories.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of the exclusive label Slegers & Koch is the symbiosis of timeless design, premium functionality and the unique best quality of handmade materials.


The collection of Slegers & Koch is especially aimed at women, who daily meet the modern demands of job, family and everyday life. For this reason the collection contains business bags, bags for daily life and decorative, precious accessories.

Handmade in Italy

Slegers & Koch select the precious materials for the manufacturing of their elegant luxury leather bags and accessories with great care. Top quality leather, from renowned, Italian tanneries, and exclusive brass fittings, are an essential part of the collection of Slegers & Koch.


A Florentine factory, which is specialized for generations in manufacturing luxurious leather products, converts the unique designs into the best handmade quality.

The Collection

The collection of Slegers & Koch combines maximum functionality with pure and timeless design as well as with the passion for high-quality leather. A design, imagined from the inside out, classic forms and subtle design elements meet the high demands of the modern woman.


The collection is completed by matching accessories, which perfect the elegant look and the functionality of the exclusive bags.

The Founders

The founders Nina Yvonne Slegers and Sharon Koch became acquainted at a vernissage in Frankfurt am Main, sharing their love of art. The search for timelessly elegant, best quality and, in addition, functional business bags, led to the idea of an own label for classy bags and accessories.


Finally, a whole collection of exclusive bags and accessories developed from the first business bag, which does not only meet the demands of modern business world. In fact, the best quality bags and accessories of Slegers & Koch accompany and support modern women in their fully stretched daily life.


From the years of experience of the two founders in the areas of design and management arise synergies, which make the label unique. The passion for high-quality materials, elegance and timeless design as well as the knowledge about the demands of modern women characterize the collection of Slegers & Koch.

Nina Slegers

Before Slegers & Koch was founded, Nina Yvonne Slegers followed her professional career in corporate finance and general management in internationally active companies. Over the past 10 years, she has established two companies in Germany and China, and has been the Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer. She, being a typical fashionista and an expert wearer of luxury leather products, recognized the need of a timeless, high-quality and functional business bag for the sophisticated lady.


With the label Slegers & Koch, she fulfilled her dream of combining entrepreneurship and passion. The initial business idea, the creation of a perfect business bag, lay the basis of an entire collection for the ambitious, modern woman.

Sharon Koch

Before the establishment of Slegers & Koch, Sharon Koch acted as a designer and product manager at internationally renowned luxury brands. Her design philosophy is based on the Bauhaus style and minimalism in fashion and art. She is intrigued by the craft of bag making as well as versatility of leather.


The passion for superb materials, timeless and clear design as well as for high-quality finish characterize her designs. It was the idea to turn this philosophy into products, which led to the founding of Slegers & Koch.


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